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Many Moroccan Jews find legal difficulties when they return to Morocco to complete their administrative procedures, which is an obstacle to the investments of our compatriots and makes their stay difficult. The normalization agreement between Morocco and Israel will breathe new life into trade and the flow of air travel between the two countries. This initiative aims to provide legal support for Moroccan Jews and Israeli investors.


Legal Support & Investment




Creating a guide for the Israeli investor in Morocco

The HabayitSheli initiative will create an investor's guide in Hebrew for potential Israeli investors that includes information on the steps that must be taken by investors to establish companies in Morocco..



Administrative procedures

The HabayitSheli initiative will create a service that will allow Moroccan Jews to complete their administrative procedures through local agents without having to travel..



Accompanying the projects of Moroccan Jews and Israeli investors

The HabayitSheli initiative will offer a turnkey solution for Jewish Moroccan and Israeli investors wishing to make projects in Morocco that includes full administrative and legal support..

Moroccan Jews

A quarter of a million Jews once lived in Morocco, the largest Jewish community in the Arab world. But when Israel was founded in 1948, many were persuaded to leave. Today, only 2000 remain. The story of Morocco's Jewish community told from the perspective of those who have left, those who stayed, and those who are now returning. Jews were settled in Morocco for more than 2,000 years, where they co-existed for centuries alongside Muslims.